Enrique J. Polanco

b. 1989 (Caracas, Venezuela)



Assembling, carving and shaping

an idea,

exploring a material and its qualities.

Its coming to reality.

Only making the work is the making of a work.

The by-product:

A witness of time spent doing it,

Infused with life through its making,

A new object that, hopefully, acts on many a sense,

And sometimes, causes a novel feeling or situation,

For the benefit both on the “User” and the Author.

All the new tools are readily available,

but hand, pencil, will always be most effective.

Not ever solely figurative neither ever completely abstract,

my work is representative of both complexity and contradiction-

naïve and aware,

primitive and modern

if showed in a simple way.


I intend my work to face:

-Life’s conundrums,

And its strangeness,

from a layman’s point of view.


-Our animal condition

and the wants of our triune brains.


No previous art idea is out of bounds;

And any material could be elevated.


My favorite themes currently include permutations (and Representation) of:


Bottles, Tools, Weapons.

The Hand, the body and our awareness of it.

Beasts & The recognition of other creatures,

Plants and their fruits,

A landscape. The cosmos-

-In a possible if also realistically magical way.


Nothing as new as when for a moment it was.



Educated as an architect,

But later working in the demolition business.

Apprenticed at a sculptor’s studio.

Currently working in Sculpture Space,

A ceramic workshop,

And through a grant of the Fantasy Foundation Fund,

In Modern Art Foundry.

Both located in Queens, Ny.



- Universidad Central de Venezuela, Escuela de Arquitectura Carlos Raúl Villanueva. Caracas, Venezuela. 2008-2014.

- Metal Workshop. S.V.A., NYC. 2014.

- Printmaking Workshop. S.V.A., NYC. 2014.

Was exhibited in

- SVA Sculpture Installation and New Media Residency Open Studios, S.V.A. New York, 2015.

- Octubre Joven. Museo Jesus Soto. Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela. 2015.

- Prácticas vs. Teoréticas. Fundación Cultural La Pizarra. Caracas. 2014.

- Jazz. Fundación Cultural El Hatillo. Caracas. 2014.